The Power of Your Emotions

dawn emotions mind Jun 04, 2018

Emotions are neither good nor bad. 

They’re HELPFUL or HURTFUL.  They either HELP you live your best life and serve at your highest power or they DON’T.

Some emotions can be dangerous for your growth and progress if you stay in them for too long but feeling all emotions – honoring them, accepting them, and releasing them is a powerful part of healing and optimizing your growth as a human being.

Right now, how do you FEEL?

Most people can answer that question pretty easily.  It’s usually pretty easy to know when you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, joyful, or excited. The energy in your body feels a certain way and even though it can be hard to pinpoint the exact emotion you’re feeling sometimes, you usually know if the emotions are helpful or hurtful.

Your life is basically driven by your emotions – how you FEEL dictates what you DO.  If you feel good, you show up in the world in a different way than if you’re stuck in self-pity, fear, anger, or frustration.  Your relationships may thrive, your career may prosper, and your overall health, happiness, and well-being likely benefits as well.

But let’s look a little deeper at your emotions. 

Your THOUGHTS precede how you FEEL.  What you’re THINKING is driving how you’re feeling.  You may be wondering right now if that’s why affirmations are booming in popularity.  Is it true that you can just say something over and over, trick your brain to believing it’s true, change the way you feel and then… change your LIFE?

Not exactly.

About 95% of our thoughts are in our subconscious mind.  You have NOOOO idea what you’re even thinking but those thoughts are DRIVING your LIFE!  Yikes…

However, it’s not as hard as you think to tap into the power of your thoughts to truly start thriving, growing, and living a happier life. 

The key – AWARENESS.

The more aware you are of your FEELINGS, the quicker you realize if your thoughts are helpful or not.  If they’re NOT helpful (“No one understands me”, “I’m unemployable”, “I’ll never feel better or get over my past”), and you’re able to catch them, you can SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION and literally DELETE that thought from taking control over your emotional state (thus driving your life).

Your THOUGHTS drive your EMOTIONS. 

Your EMOTIONS drive your ACTIONS

Your ACTIONS drive your OUTCOME.


To change your life, raise your awareness.  Your life happens in the space between your triggers.  When you raise your AWARENESS, you’re able to interrupt the patterns and take over before your thoughts and emotions go on autopilot and you’re out of control. 

So, let’s check in.

How are you feeling?

What are you THINKING?

If your thoughts aren’t helpful, SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION.

And if you’re feeling stressed right now, check out this video for another great way to help your body process and release the stress (called Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping).  Since stress contributes to 85-90% of all illness and disease, it’s time to LET IT GO! Because when you’re FEELING better, you’re showing up in this world in a whole new way! Check it out! Click HERE! 

As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran who suffered greatly from post-war emotional distress, I’m deeply committed to helping veterans emotionally heal, grow from their struggles, and thrive. I understand Emotional Health is only one component of a veteran’s challenges after service and am thrilled to be partnering with three other women (Lori, Alexis, and Michelle), each with very unique strengths, to create a program made specifically for veterans who are transitioning to the civilian world.

For more information about each of our strengths, visit last week’s blog here. 

We are in the development stage right now, but we have just opened up our interest list. If you are interested in being a founding member of this program where you can play a key role in shaping the future of success for veterans who will follow, then I encourage you to join the wait list HERE. We would also like to offer you a free copy of Lori's E-book, Five Steps to a Successful Military Transition, just fill out the form below and we'll send it over.


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