Ditch the Negativity: Harness the power of your brain’s ‘filter’ for more happiness in your life

“You are where your attention is” ~ Jim Fortin

So, where is YOUR attention? As simple as this sounds, you have to get your brain on board to help you shift your focus to whatever BEST serves you.


Ok…let’s get a little ‘geeky’ right now… inside the brain, there is something called the 'Reticular Activating System' (the RAS). At any one moment, there are over 2 million pieces of data that your brain is trying to sift through. Since you can't possibly be aware of all this information, the RAS alerts you to whatever it believes you want to know (based on the thoughts you’re constantly telling yourself). This is why the saying "what we focus on, grows" is true. If you’re stuck in a cycle of loneliness, struggle, sadness…your life isn’t missing 'good' things. In fact, there are plenty of great things in your life RIGHT NOW. They are THERE. But, you may be completely unaware because you’ve never noticed...

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The Power of Your Emotions

dawn emotions mind Jun 04, 2018

Emotions are neither good nor bad. 

They’re HELPFUL or HURTFUL.  They either HELP you live your best life and serve at your highest power or they DON’T.

Some emotions can be dangerous for your growth and progress if you stay in them for too long but feeling all emotions – honoring them, accepting them, and releasing them is a powerful part of healing and optimizing your growth as a human being.

Right now, how do you FEEL?

Most people can answer that question pretty easily.  It’s usually pretty easy to know when you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, joyful, or excited. The energy in your body feels a certain way and even though it can be hard to pinpoint the exact emotion you’re feeling sometimes, you usually know if the emotions are helpful or hurtful.

Your life is basically driven by your emotions – how you FEEL dictates what you DO.  If you feel good, you show up in the world in a different way than if you’re stuck...

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