Imagine developing your veteran employees to be unwavering, committed leaders. How great would it be if they stayed?

Retention is critical. Save money, time, energy, and keep your hard-working, well trained employees.


Recruit & Retain Your Veteran Population

There are many factors that go into a veteran’s post-military career success and your organization is part of that. If you're looking to grow your veteran population or retain the veterans within your workplace, you've found that solution, it's Operation: Connect. This is truly a multi-faceted issue that needs to be tackled on several fronts and we understand both the veteran transition process and  that of the organization - because we've been there. 

With over 55 years of collective experience, our supportive, educational and empowering program we will provide your veterans the tools to find the sweet spot of success where all four areas come together.

Many veterans face additional stresses once they leave the military and suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and frustration from their experiences in the military. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a proven method to decrease stress and anxiety, improve communication, encourage creativity and lead to enhanced clarity of mind, concentration and focus to help veterans thrive in an unfamiliar environment. 

The military invests a great deal of time and attention to the health and wellness of their service members. When veterans transition out of the military, the loss of this structure can be daunting. Health & wellness coaching will help your veteran employees gain sustainable lifestyle changes, achieve greater self-awareness of their bodies, emotions and choices while also managing the impact of stress on one's health.

Career satisfaction is an important factor in our health; however veterans often cite lack of fulfillment in their post-military career. Whether they served for three or twenty-three years, veterans may struggle with self-marketing, skills translation and navigating the civilian workforce. Career guidance will guide the veteran employee while navigating their post-military career within your organization.

Integrating into the civilian workforce and fitting into their new workplace culture can be a challenge for many veterans. Many report feeling a lack of purpose or meaning in their work and feel a disconnect with their skills. Connect with tools to increase engagement, enhance individual wellbeing, build their resilience and help develop emotional intelligence to adapt to changes or sudden disruptions in the workplace.

Warrior Wellness Membership Program

This research-based program is designed for veterans by veterans to address their unique needs. This revolutionary approach to veteran wellness in a corporate environment will not only enhance your retention, it will also improve your internal communication and build the community that veterans need for job satisfaction.

We specialize in providing resources and tools designed specifically for veterans to help them thrive and assimilate in their post-military career. We bring a collective 55 years of experience and professionalism serving the military. We have packaged our knowledge and expertise to address the unique needs of veterans in the corporate environment.

Contact us below to learn more about the benefits of recruiting and retaining veterans in your organization and how we can help you achieve that.

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