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5 Steps to a Successful Military Transition

You don't need to navigate this next chapter alone. Discover how to translate your military skill set to land the post-military job you want. Where should we send this free E-book?

Veteran Crisis Line

Confidential crisis help for Veterans and their families. If you are in crisis or need immediate attention please contact Veteran Crisis Line via one of the following options.

1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)



Operation Mission Insight

Want to learn more? Fill out their contact form (bottom of their page) and mention Operation: Connect or email [email protected]

Heroes Journey Storytelling

This video course was designed to help warriors find their voice and tell their story in transition. You can learn more about this amazing organization here.

New Horizons

For specific job training skills or to boost your career readiness, check out the nationwide programs and support provided by New Horizons or email [email protected]

Supporting Tools

Mission America

Whether you served three years or thirty, transitioning to civilian life is an Odyssey in its own right. Despite over 40,000 veteran advocacy organizations trying to assist military members, massive corporate hiring programs for veterans, and increased efforts by the Department of Defense, veteran transition is tough stuff. Many veterans say that transition to civilian life is the biggest obstacle they've ever faced. 

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I'm Not a Military Transition Expert, and Neither Are You

Military Transition Advice from a Senior Mentor of Service Members who happened to have his life crushed when he tried to become a “Civilian”. The Military will show you a thousand successful ways to stay in but little to none on how to transition out successfully. Military Transition is not easy for the transitioning Service Member, their families, or the potential employer. 

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